Maintenance free Earthing Electrode

  • maintenance-free-earthing-electrodeMaintenance free earthing means  this kind of earthing does not require regular watering and health check of earthing too is not required to be done frequently.In this type of earthing Ground enhancing compound plays a vital role. Safe ground’s GEM PLUS is prepared by mixing various conductive material in certain ratio so that minimum resistance can be obtained out of it.Maintenance free earth electrodes work on Ion technologies and GEM PLUS has a capability to hold moisture for considerably longer time moreover can fetch moisture from surrounding soil itself.SG power provides not only standards size but capable of fulfilling customers customized requirements.

    We at SG power use two popular technologies –

    1.Pipe in Pipe

    Strip in Pipe

Some of the standards Sizes made by us are mentioned in below table –

Model Electrode Length in mm Electrode Diameter in mm (Outer Pipe) Electrode Diameter in mm (Inner Pipe) Terminal Size (LxW) in mm Conductive Minerals Filled
SG150 1000 50 25 32×06 YES
SG250 2000 50 25 32×06 YES
SG350 3000 50 25 32×06 YES
SG180 1000 80 50 50×06 YES
SG280 2000 80 50 50×06 YES
SG380 3000 80 50 50×06 YES


  • Longer Life
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance Free
  • Space Saving
  • Consistent Performance
  • More reliable