Gel Earthing Electrode

Galvanized iron Electrode offers a low-impedance ground in large soil resistivity with Back fill Compound, finish system reduces electrical fault voltages, even in exotic or rocky soil situations.

      • GEL Earthing is a kind of maintenance free earthing and getting for a longer time life.
      • SG chemical provide cheapest resistance path to ground to any surge of present.
      • Our std GEL Earthing electrodes consist of external pipe and internal pipe.
      • While can be made accessible in Strip in pipe as per customer’s require.
      • Hot dip galvanization is done to ensure the longer life of the electrode.
      • Gel earthing electrodes are most secure earthing electrodes accessible.
      • Space b/w outer and inner pipe is filled with a non-corrosive CCM compound & dissipates flow current.
      • Ends of electrodes are perfectly sealed & G.I terminal are supplied at one end to be connected to the equipment’s

Gel earthing as name indicates certainly comprises a water soluble gel .SG power make Gel earthing is considered to be one of the best earth solution by the customers. Our Gel earthings are structured on Ionic technology and release electric ions hence dissipates surge current in micro seconds when required the most.

Model Electrode Length in mm (Outer Pipe) (Inner Pipe) Terminal Size (LxW) in mm CCM Filled
SG250 2000 50 25 32×10 YES
SG350 3000 50 25 32×10 YES
SG280 2000 80 50 50×10 YES
SG380 3000 80 50 50×10 YES


  • Longer Life
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance Free
  • Space Saving
  • Consistent Performance
  • More reliable

SG Earthing provide Chemical Gel Earthing manufacturers.