Earthing Accessories

  • Copper Bonded rod is a best economical solution without compromising quality.
  • Made of low carbon Steel & are atomically coated with copper. ( Hot Coating Process )
  • Steel provides high strength while copper good conductivity best resistance against corrosion .
  • Due to good conductivity of copper bonded rods these dissipate all leak current to ground.
  • Being copper outer layer, copper bonded rod kit can be used in all type of soils.
  • Earth Enhancing Compound – SG GEM PLUS – is filled in the bored hole and become a reason in substantially reducing earth resistance.
  • Copper bonded Rod  kit contains Rod , Back Fill compound , Earth Pit cover for inspection.
Model Rod Length in mm Rod Diameter in mm Copper Bonding Thickness
SG314 CB 3000 14.2 254 microns
SG514 CB 1500 14.2 254 microns
S317 CB 3000 17.2 254 microns
SG517 CB 1500 17.2 254 microns
SG325 CB 3000 25 254 microns


  • Extra Ordinary Long Life
  • Easiest to Install
  • Maintenance – Not required
  • Less Space
  • Consistent Performance over a longer period

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