Copper Bonded Earth Rods

Copper bonded rods are copper-bonded-rodwidely used for earthing throughout the world. All developed countries like USA, UK, Japan, Germany have been using these type of rods since very long time and now it has been popular in India too very rapidly. The reason of popularity is that this rod comprises of Steel core having high strength and copper in uniformly bonded over steel core and makes is the best conductive path for surge current.

Copper bonded rod can be a good solution for earthing when installing with Good quality ground Enhancing compound.

SG power’s GEM PLUS is a highly conductive mixture and releases Ions once mixed with water in slurry form and retains moisture of considerably very long time.

We provide all standard sizes of copper bonded rods to meet our customers requirements

Model Rod Length in mm Rod Shank Diameter in mm Copper Bonding Thickness
SG314 CB 3000 14.2 254 microns
SG514 CB 1500 14.2 254 microns
S317 CB 3000 17.2 254 microns
SG517 CB 1500 17.2 254 microns
SG325 CB 3000 25 254 microns


  •  Longer Life
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance Free
  • Space Saving
  • Consistent Performance over a longer period