Back Fill Compound ( GEM PLUS )

  • SG ( Safe Ground ) Ground Enhancing Compound – GEM PLUS – is a Superior conductive material that caters to toughest grounding problems.
  • It makes a conductuctive
  • layer around the electrode tightly.
  • SG Back Fill compound is hygroscopic in nature and have best moisture retaining qualities.
  • NO need to add water over time
  • Hence makes whole system a maintenance free.
  • Keeps the soil moist for a longer period and lowers ground resistance.
  • SG’s GEM PLUS is environment friendly.


  • Lowest resistance
  • Compatible with CU, GI, copper bonded etc
  • NO Hazardous material
  • Never need Recharging
  • Having corrosion inhibitor
  • Compatible with all type of Sands

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